About Us

Factory Trained and Certified Cerakote Applicator.

DangerLee Industries is proud to be a Factory trained and certified Cerakote applicator in the state of Colorado. Operated and locally ran here on the Front Range in Elizabeth, CO.

We are positioned on the Front Range right between Denver, CO and Colorado Springs, CO just East of Parker, CO or Castle Rock, CO.

DangerLee Industries is here to service your Cerakoting needs for many substrates and projects. From metals, polymer/plastics, stone, glass and even wood we are your premiere Cerakote applicator.

There are 2 types of Cerakote for your needs that we apply.

First we offer the H-series oven cure were durability, hardness, chemical resistant or corrosion applications are needed.

Secondly the C-series air cure for items that will see higher than normal temperatures after curing has occurred or on items that can not go into an oven due to their sensitivity to extreme temperatures.

For a comprehensive breakdown of the extensive testing performed please click on the Cerakote Page Here and simply scroll down.

DangerLee Industries can handle the smallest of projects up to anything that is 5 feet in length up to 2 feet wide.

  • Ideal for uppers / lowers and optics
  • Automotive parts / driveshafts / control arms / headers etc.
  • Motorcycle frames / handle bars / front forks / wheels etc.
  • Scooters / Bicycles / Skateboard parts etc.
  • Decorative items for the garden or home

The possibilities and applications are truly endless so contact us with your current project as we here at DangerLee Industries are glad to help.

Browse our gallery to help inspire you for your next custom Cerakote project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to process my order?

The time it takes to apply Cerakote varies by the item and complexity of the colors. Our average turn around time is 2-3 weeks with a single color or camouflage application.

To recieve a quote for your custom project, general questions and to receive accurate turn around times please email us. Sales@dangerleeindustries.com

What is the cost to cerakote my item?

Current rough pricing for a single color or camouflage project is available under Cerakote Pricing , but final pricing will be given once the item has been inspected here on premises.

I called but no one picked up!

DangerLee Industries is a small operation with noisy machinery constantly running. Plus we take extreme pride in providing the best one on one customer service so if we are currently with a customer we do our best to return your emails, texts and voicemail’s by the end of the following business day.

What are my payment methods?

All published pricing is cash or check.

We accept all major credit cards for an additional 3.5% processing fee. Again we are a small company and sorry for the inconvenience at this time.

What are the benefits of cerakote?

Beyond just the aesthetics of having a custom color scheme Cerakote provides durability and protection from abrasion, corrosion, chemicals etc. Please visit the Cerakote page for more specifics. Cerakote Detials