Machine Shop & Gunsmithing services

Hourly Machine shop rate $100 / hour min $50 and all other services $60 / hour min $30.

$95 – $185 depending on brand of firearm and brand of red dot.

$20 – $120 for factory mounting plates or to have one custom machined.

$90 – 180 for loose barrels or barreled actions to attach muzzle devices or suppressors.

$400 – $800 To re-barrel, ream, chamber and thread depending on specs.

$2,5000 – $10,000 For a Precision custom bolt action assemebly.

$30 – $40 for standard sight installation.

$30 – $200 for trigger work depending on firearm.

We warranty and stand behind all machine work to be free of defects within our control. A factory blemished item is beyond our control, will be discussed with customer and documented as long as it’s not safety related. Any safety related defects or blemished parts will not be accepted for our services.

All machine work is permanent and irreversible therefore non-refundable so please be sure you are ready to proceed with your specific project.