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We’re excited about the new Salvo 12 suppressor from SilencerCo, and we’ve been spending quite a bit of time checking out what it can do! Be sure to check out our Salvo-related videos, as well as some of the testing we’ve done:

The Salvo supports all wadded shot in either 3″ or 2 3/4″ shells. You can use 3″ shells in any shotgun with a 16″ or longer barrel – and 2 3/4″ shells in any shotgun with a 10″ or longer barrel.


Use this guide to help determine which choke kit you need.

  • Remington Choke Kit Fits: 870, 887, 11-87, 1100
  • Remington Pro Bore Fits: Versamax, 105 cti, 1100 Competition, 870 Bone Collector
  • Mossberg, Browning, FNH, Winchester Fits: Pretty much any threaded choke from these brands
  • Benelli Mobil Style Fits: Nova, SuperNova, M4, M1, Beretta: A300 3901, Weatherby: SA-08, PA-08, SA-459, PA-459
  • Benelli Crio Style Fits: Super Black Eagle 2, M2, Super Vinci, Vinci Tactical, Vinci, Ultralight, Sport 2, Legacy Sport, Super Sport, Cordoba
  • Saiga/Vepr: External muzzle device threaded using M22x75 threads

The choke is used to attach the Salvo 12 to your shotgun, and you can purchase either individual chokes, or a choke kit.  The kit comes with 3 chokes in Improved,Modified and Full.


Do you own a shotgun and are you looking for a shotgun suppressor? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Finally, there is a commercially viable shotgun suppressor available and it is made by a company’s name that you trust, SilencerCo. SilencerCo is one of the top gun silencer producers in the world. SilencerCo announced, at the end of July 2014, the release of the first and only commercially available shotgun suppressor, the Salvo 12.

The Salvo 12 has instantly gained customers’ trust because it is marked with the same quality and standard as other products of SilencerCo.

Hunting in the fields and jungles around the world is a passion for millions of men and women every year. With the increasing popularity of rifle and handgun suppressors, a real problem about ear protection has always worried shotgun owners. Some users opt for ears muffs or some sort of plugs in order to protect their ears, but this solution only works in a controlled atmosphere and it is  useless in home or field use where it is necessary to recognize other sounds for safe hunting.

Flexibility and the ability to customize is the prominent feature of the Salvo 12. You can add or remove any section from the shotgun to keep a balance in sound, weight and length. When it is at its fullest possible length, which is 12 inches, the sound at muzzle is 137 dB. This level of sound is much below the 140 dB that is a standard level set by OSHA for safe hearing and ear protection.

Salvo 12 is the best silencer for all types of 12-gauge shotguns whether you want to use it for hunting, shooting for sport or for home security. The only condition is that you must have a choked barrel. Note: Due to differences in shotgun manufacturers and choke preferences, it is important that you select the correct adapter when you purchase.

One more important feature of the Salvo 12 that makes it more prestigious is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. The Salvo 12 carries the same celebrated lifetime warranty as all other SilencerCo products.

The Salvo is not yet available for 20 gauge, 410 shotguns, etc…

* Salvo 12 have the following limitations that you should be aware of:

  • 10” bbl to 15″ barrel = 2 3/4” shells, 1350 fps or less ammo
  • 16” barrel or longer = 2 3/4″ or 3” shells, 1550 fps or less ammo NO 3 1/2″ shells
  • NO Barrels under 10″
  • Only wadded shot at this time

Contact for Pricing and Availability

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Product Details

WEIGHT 34.5 oz
FINISH Anodized/Matte Black Moly Resin
BUILD MATERIAL 17-4 Stainless Steel, 7075 T6 Aluminum
HEIGHT 2.96″
WIDTH 2.21″